Because of the upswing in Covid cases, (due to the Delta variant),  at the 9:00AM in-sanctuary service every other pew is again closed off.  Masking is recommended but not required. Unmasked members are asked to maintain a 6 foot social distancing between all but immediate family members. For masked members, a 3 foot distance is recommended. Please check weekly for changes to in-service procedures.

9:00 In Sanctuary Service

Cars may enter St. Paul’s through either the main drive on South 18th & “A” Street, or the side entrance on South 19th & “A” Street. There is some parking along the South side of the building. If you park there you may want to enter through the glass front doors at the front of the church, facing “A” Street. This offers a full front-on impact of the beautiful sanctuary. Parking in the east lot will have you passing through the church proper. This entrance gives a glance into the life of St Paul’s. You will often get a glimpse of signup sheets and robed choir members or even a pastor rushing around taking care of last minute details. St. Paul’s follows the CCD recommendations. Feel free to social distance or mask as it makes you comfortable. There is hand sanitizer in every pew.

10:30 Parking Lot Service

Praise God, the worst of Covid is behind us. Or is it? St Paul’s continues the very popular parking lot service. At the 10:30 service visitors are asked to enter through the South 19th Street entrance. Ushers will direct you where to park according to the size of your vehicle. All you need is a comfortable car seat and a FM radio tuned into channel 103.3. Ushers will provide bulletins, music sheets, and communion elements. Pastors love to be out amongst the cars, but if weather is not favorable they will be fully visible in the booth as they share the Good News.

WCTV-Channels 11, 20 & 21 Wednesday 9:00 PM, Thursday 5:00 AM