Unmasked members are asked to maintain a 6 foot social distancing between all but immediate family members. For masked and vaccinated members, a 3 foot distance is recommended. Please check weekly for changes to in-service procedures.

10:30 Parking Lot Service
Sun, Rain, Cold

 St. Paul’s continues the very popular parking lot service. At the 10:30 service. Stay safe, warm, and dry in the comfort of your own car while the service is broadcast to your radio, complete with hymns and communion. 

103.3 FM

Service June 19th 2022


Church News
Confirmation Classes

 Confirmation classes will begin July 17th in person for ten weeks.  Class will meet 1:30-4:00. 


Adult Inquiry Class

 An adult membership class will begin Sunday, June 26th.  New members will be received during services July 10th.  Please talk with Pastor Miller or Rev. Nunn if you are interested in joining this class.  

Flower Pick Up

Celebrating Holly Love's 35 years of music

July 24


Kristine J Nunn Counseling
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist IN License # 35001917A

Kristine J Nunn Counseling is a private therapy practice, located inside St Paul's Lutheran Church. Its purpose is to support the emotional needs of our local faith-based church, as well as our community members at large.  Kristine Nunn is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT). 

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All Are Welcome Here

Come as you are

121 S 18th St
Richmond, IN 47374